Timing to market

Either there is a sudden awareness of unethical industry practices resulting in the #boycottbinance and #deletecoinbase movements or the Nash team are extremely maniacal in planning and exposing these two entities to coincide with launch.

Either way it seems that we’re timing the market just right… And Timing is key!


I’m not particularly anti-binance or anti-coinbase but I like to think I’m a conscious decision maker. While both these platforms have best in class (currently) UX/UI I believe that their questionable practices are slowly coming back to bite them.

For Binance:

  • Unclear listing requirements and non-transparent, inconsistent listing fee structure
  • Copying a number of projects including blockchain architecture, business structure and community forums
  • Overly marketing ICO launches with poor metrics and supporting questionable projects.

For Coinbase:

  • Previous insider information resulting in pump before BCH listing
  • Listing XRP despite not meeting listing framework requirements (and not disclosing how much Ripple has paid for this listing)
  • Acquisition of Neutrino, an analysis team with previous ties to Hacking team, who has worked with government agencies, using spyware tools to target journalists and political activists.

With both of these projects, their business models are just not congruent with industry values; Coinbase is a middle man service which charges astronomical fees to users. Binance charges prospective projects whatever it decides on the day to list on their exchange.

Not unethical or illegal but questionable given the industry we’re in. Both CEO’s preach revolution whilst fleecing other industry players.

I think the industry is finally opening their eyes and this makes a good launchpad for Nash.

Nash Community, What are your thoughts on the above?


I agree. The timing feels right for the product that Nash is offering.

The entire crypto space needs a trusted, secure and reliable exchange. I hope Nash delivers in style.


I think you have nailed it, now Binance says the listing is free on lauchpad, but you have to buy tokens with bnb, the plan here is to pump and make BNB the next ether. So the plan here is to completely remove the listing fee and to pump the BNB to the maximum and earning massive profits. There is No free-lunch with binance, they have just figured out the way of making more money than the listing fee.

Binance had no intention of doing DEX, they are just doing to show their community that they really care( just like what is done with bithumb DEX, no serious innovation at all),they are doing DEX just to say: " Well, if you don’t like CEX, we also have the DEX, you can use it", in fact CEX is the sweetest thing to them as far as launchpad and financial manipulation is concerned for now. Binance has never done any serious innovation before, the CEX they are using can be owned by any other DEX in the market( it was just the right timing that gave them the popularity). DEX is their first really serious innovation and in fact they have innovated how to Copy and Paste.

Comparing Nash and Binance DEX so far is a waste of time because APH and Switcheo are even better than Binance DEX.

I am comfortable with the integrity of Five founders at Nash than CZ heading Binance

I am happy with the legal status of Nash than the unknown legal status of Binance.

I am not really sure if I am fudding Binance, but Nash has enlightened me a lot and I call this Crypto-democracy


Really like this sentence! :+1:

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I think it’s rather a coincidence, but hopefully a lucky coincidence for Nash exchange :slight_smile:

I get the idea, but I think launching after 12-24 months of a perfectly ripe market is to late in this crypto space.