Time of Launch

(Michalisg) #1

The launch is tomorrow, but do we know the exact time?


(Alex) #2

time changes
everything except something within us
which is always
surprised by change

– Thomas Hardy


(Bunder) #3

Time is known, when ready

I think tomorrow at 19:00 Dutch Time :wink: UTC time = 18:00


(FCC) #4

The time tomorrow doesn’t really matter! The people to access the beta in the first wave will receive a meeting invite.


(KryptoBert) #5

How is the first wave of people selected?


(KryptoBert) #6

Thought I post a bit in case forum activity is a factor :stuck_out_tongue:


(Basti) #7

Since we are probably a little late

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(Ant0ni081) #8

looking forward to tomorrow then :smiley:


(Mao Mao) #9

@KryptoBert then i guess the forum activity will increase by 10000% if this is true :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


(Kwicks) #10

I am looking forward to the launch as well. I hope so bad I will get selected :slight_smile:

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(Njb) #11

So, can we get an invite? I’d be interested to try it out.

The original video at NEO Devcon said everyone would be able to access the exchange on March 31st. When did this change?


(mtanev) #12

Yeah, I was also surprised that this was changed. It said it will be available on this day for ALL community members to test it out. Now they are selecting SOME of the community members?!

Here is a reminder of what Fabio said during NEO DevCon: https://youtu.be/Lz5g1VG5xAs?t=515


(Agile) #13

I don’t remember them saying that ALL community members will be granted access.
Can you link me to the source?


(mtanev) #14

Sure, here you go: https://youtu.be/Lz5g1VG5xAs?t=515


(Basti) #15

We’re just waiting for the Beta like little kids on Santa Claus


(Ikbinruig) #16

In fact, the presentation at NEO DevCon made it sound like a launch of MVP (three products launching in beta for community members 31st of March).

I’m not really a person to nag about roadmaps/deadlines being missed in the crypto space, especially since roadmaps are preliminary. However, what I don’t really like is that when things change you have to dig through replies in topics on this forum to find out it changed. Why not just be more open about it that the Beta launch on the 31st is going to be less than expected / announced earlier.

Also, I sometimes feel like people that ask why the Beta changed or what the Beta actually is get responses making them look delusional. Replies like “This was never said by the team” or “The beta was never supposed to be this or that”. However, my opinion is that the communication should have been more clear, instead of saying community members that are confused don’t read well / make assumptions.

Sorry for nagging. I’m actually really content with Nash so far and in general I’m very happy with their way of communicating.


(mtanev) #17

Totally agree! Btw it’s not clear if it gets delayed or not - they still have some time today to launch it, as it is still the 31st of March :blush:


(Ikbinruig) #18

True, but two things are for sure (I believe :sweat_smile:), not all community members will be invited and fiat on and off ramp will not be part of the beta. Which is different than stated in the presentation of DevCon.


(Thomas) #19

I see that there is confusion, but guys why just calm down a bit?

Today the exchange will be opened to community members as announced in the video. Not everyone can take part in the first testing sequence, but everyone will get access in the upcoming three weeks.

There will be no advantage to anyone if they can try it out today, tomorrow or in three weeks. The network is running on testnets, so you can’t trade cypto you can make profit with. As they said the system used on these testnets will be the real nash system which will run on the live nets later on.

Also there is no official post about the stuff included or excluded on the beta. I guess this will also come with the release of the beta. There will be all information which are needed. Just wait and everything what is important will come.

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(Ikbinruig) #20

Thanks, appreciate making clear what information is known :slight_smile:

Speaking for myself, I am calm and not angry or anything. I’m just giving feedback on how the beta launch has been communicated.