Time horizon for smart contracts on BTC

This would certainly devalue our unique selling point of non custodial bitcoin trading between other utility/platform coins/ payment coins.

or anyways thats the point im making … what u guys think ?
Fabio… feel free to squash it :slight_smile:

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I think you are right, it will devalue the USP. But you have to keep in mind that having other companies following the path of non custodial solutions is a natural process. It will be the future, some companies have spotted it, others haven’t. (In my opinion) Just like with the smart phones. There was a first mover and there were the followers.

Just being the first with this technology and lay back won’t be good. It is just naive to think there won’t be others achieving non custodial solutions. And I think nash is aware of that. If I remember right, nash want to publish a paper later on how they did implemented bitcoin non custodial trading.

The most important thing is to continue to innovate and don’t rest on the reached achievement. And nash won’t rest, I’m pretty sure about that.

Nash pay, 2nd generation key management, best in class non custodial UI, first implementation of bitcoin. It won’t stop here.


Was something new published about a definite time horizon for smart contracts on BTC? First mover means a lot, if Nash can be the first to get non custodial BTC for any significant time period before smart contracts on BTC then Nash will be in a good position.

they should add an affiliate program…people want to make money and affiliates are the smartest marketers around. Just give them some rewards and they hop onto this opportunity.

nah dont think so … just sort of putting it out there