How many states in US that nash will allow for trading?? @canesin @ethan thanks

Timing is great if Nash manages to launch before that with the majority of the states included :heart_eyes:

yes, but that’s why they are launching

Nothing really changes tbh, they’re still allowing US users to trade but now they’re limiting their base. If anything they should lose some volume as US users won’t have access to all trading pairs currently present on Binance. They’re also spreading out their system into 3 different areas under 3 different sites,,, and now making it pretty confusing if you ask me.

To add to your confusion, there is also

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:joy: what is that? Why do they need so many? What happened to just housing all users under the same domain but only giving them access to trading pairs applicable to their jurisdictions. Maybe i’m missing something, but this seems counter-productive. I imagine that all of their sites are tunneling through the same back-end so that volume and liquidity are provided across all binance channels. is their main EUR and USD fiat gateway. Don’t know why they use so many domains…

Of course. But it’s still a formidable opportunity, as US traders will need to “reset” and can then ask themselves if they’re not better off give Nash a try! :wink:

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I know the exchange is “ready when it’s ready” but it would be so huge to launch 1-2 months in advance of Binance cutting out American access, huge opportunity for Nash. I know you say that will be a thing but because of regulations it will have limited coins to trade. Huge opportunity lets get it Nash!

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The nash team wants to launch this software more than any one of us. However nash isnt a small product and they want to reiterate and make the best out of their launch. This is understandable too. Launch before next month end still on track afaik!

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next month launch i dont think so…i assume full product launch will be next year so hold on

Oh god. Did you even read what fabio replied to us? You probably havent…