Thorchain in App

Hey Nashians,

I think it would be great to have Thorchain “markets” in the app as an “Exchanges” option.

Thorchain is a cross-chain decentralized exchange. Immutable and borderless. User always own his private keys.

I think if Nash could integrate Thorchain (especially with MPC-powered wallets for BTC, LTC, ETH and more in future) it could be very good for the app user UX.

On the business side, you don’t need KYC for it (like with the Uniswap, Sushi, Defi Swap markets).
And Nash doesn’t have to provide liquidity like on our order book dex.

So, it could fit well in the new vision Nash is aiming for. Becoming a DeFi Hub/ Bank.

The sentiment seems bullish on Rune and Thorchain as well. Erik Vorheers is chilling his Thorchain integration via shapeshift and even Youtubers are hyped about it, like Ran Neuner.

What you guys think?