This looks pretty huge to me: NEO Distributed Filesystem

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Seeing this in my feeds today … it looks super-important on first glance – not only the concept of a distributed filesystem built for NEO, but also that the Russian gov seems to be getting behind it in a big way. I need more time to digest it, but this all seems like a big fracking deal to me.

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Well it’s kinda the biggest news regarding NEO since forevah but you know crypto people…

(Nick) #3

Storage will be purchased using the CGAS NEP-5 token, whilst the possibility of utilizing private payment channels via Trinity Protocol or fiat payments through the NEX extension are also noted as future possibilities.


Should not be limited to fiat only though. If it needs 20 CGAS and I don’t have that but do have token x, it should also allow conversion of that token. But I believe they have thought this through already :wink:

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Not sure I like the idea of Russian government getting involved with NEO. It feels like an alliance with Goa’uld

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Nice Stargate reference :slight_smile: , but I feel like gov support of any kind for crypto is good. We want all these entities to become more accommodating and enthusiastic of the potential for crypto to do a lot of good in the world and open up new economic engines.


Looking at our long-term perspective it is best to have regulation by the corresponding entities and governments since our investments and development plans would be under their protection,
we understand that when we talk about cryptography it is linked to the word privacy, but this without the corresponding regulation has been very badly handled, falling into robberies, scams and worse things.

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