This is actually a pretty cool story - Uniswap history

Today I saw that Uniswap is doing incredible volume and was wondering if the SEC would start to monitor them and what would happen to them since they are unregulated. Anyway…had to dig deeper and found their story. Really interesting read

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What do u guys think will happen if the SEC chimes in?

Is there anything the SEC can actually do to stop Uniswap from operating? serious question. not that I want that to happen. Just curious if it’s fully decentralized and as Vitalik says “serverless” out there on Ethereum

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The difference between can’t and won’t.

Thanks for the video. Very interesting. #Ada smart contracts with low fees here we come :wink:

Anyway…I think the founder of Uniswap can be made accountable no?

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Yes @asus78, the founder and the team could be made accountable. Like EtherDelta founder was, so it is a risk they seem to be willing to take. I am pretty sure they would fight it - it is all a risk threshold.


Yes I was thinking about EtherDelta as well…We will see what happens. I really hope that regulated companies will get some type of regulatory support…I mean if they dont help legit companies they indirectly help the other side