Think Long Term

Feeling down because of price performance?
This video below might help you feel better, rule nr 2 :handshake::point_down:

If anything I know is that Nash is not afraid of hard work :handshake: ( and so many more, just want to keep it simple :wink:)

Amazing advices for Nash team too :+1:
@canesin please take a look, rule nr 4 is unique :wink: ( customer obsession is a big one too )


The thing is most community (at least good part of) members does not think long term.

The real test of most platforms and coins that are flying right now, would be at a bear market, so yea long term always wins.


Itโ€™s easy to love & support when the project is mooning.
For us the real test is the one we go through right now :handshake:

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I think you would be doing yourself a massive disservice โ€œthinking long termโ€ and hodling something that doesnโ€™t move. The objective is to maximise gains, not be idealistic. Jump on board a hyped project, ride it up, sell it and then buy Nash back later.

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Jumping around is the mistake that new investors make, chasing the hype ends bad for most of investors :flushed:
Jumping in hyped products is risky but if you get it right ( lucky you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

There are many ways to make money, just find what you enjoy, and go for it.

For me Nash is the investment worth making :handshake:

How do you determine when it will stat moving? So you get back in time :thinking:

Once youโ€™re not all in on Nex then you donโ€™t have to really do that. Just hold the Nex bag, forget about it and use other funds to play in the market.

Generally a good signal is if NEX breaks multi-year resistance $1, comes down and retests $1 with lots of volume, then a bounce up, combined with some bullish news, something like updated NEX tokenomics (e.g. % exchange funds used to buy-back and burn NEX), new amazing value adding product or some huge increase in exchange volume - that would be time to buy waaaay more NEX

Team should not focus on Nex but on products and services the usage of which should drive the price of Nex organically.

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Need to focus on pumpamentals during bull market. Bear market is time for fundamentals.

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Smells like IvanOnTech :rofl:

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