Theta Network

Theta Network:

Steve Chen


Theta’s innovation is set to disrupt today’s online video industry much in the same way that the YouTube platform did to traditional video back in 2005. One of our biggest challenges had been the high costs of delivering video to various parts of the world, and this problem is only getting bigger with HD, 4K and higher quality video streams,” said Steve Chen, Co-Founder of YouTube. “I’m excited to be part of the next evolution of the streaming space, helping Theta create a decentralized peer-to-peer network that can offer improved video delivery at lower costs.

Two tokens: Theta for governance and Tfuel for operation.

Anybody can share their bandwidth. It’s the upload which most don’t use, so doesn’t affect the user. Gives telecom companies a new use case for their upload. Samsung is already running a validator node and plans to integrate Theta into all new televisions. Backed by Sony too. Theta is a company that can increase a video platform’s revenue, while at the same time, decrease their costs by relieving 50-70% of CDN costs. Revenue increases by more people on the video platform because they earn tokens (Tfuel) by sharing bandwidth, so engagement increases. If Netflix used Theta, people could essentially pay for their monthly subscription by sharing their bandwidth. Or just click a button to unlock your Tfuel to pay for Premium content on Netflix if integrated. Theta management have let out that they are working with a huge video platform who’s name is one word…

All those Tfuel tokens used for payment could run through Nash Pay?
All those transactions could be converted and traded on Nash Exchange?

You’re talking about hundreds of millions of people…