There's many staking strategies, what's yours?

Since I live in the US, I was thinking about staking all of my tokens for the 2 years for tax purposes. I would create 4 stakes so I could claim dividends once a week each month.

The tiered staking strategy is also interesting. I’m just curious what my fellow investors plan to do when the exchange goes live tomorrow! Cheers.

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i just stake in 4 different time frames : 1 month, 6 months, 12 months and 24 months. The dividends i will restake :slight_smile:

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Will there be automatic button for dividend to all restake? For example I would like to take my dividend in NEX and automatically restake it for 2 years each month.

All-in lock for two years too.

And if Nash team want to add 10 years lock period, let me know :wink:


Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I’m leaning towards locking 100% of my tokens in for 2 years.

It makes everything easier, and as Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.”


I won’t need any of my invested money so I don’t see any reason to not immediatly stake at least 90% for two years.


I’ll go for the tiered staking as in the Excel guide. I’ll divide my stack in 24 pieces. I will stake everything. No need (for me) to play on the price changes.

I’m staking 20% of my tokens for 2 years (5% a week for 4 weeks) right away. After hardware wallet support I’ll stake 80%+.

50% at the beginning for 24 months and 25% for 3 months. the rest will be kept in the wallet

So is staking already available? I thought it was meant to happen on the 23rd, but I dont see any announcements?

I will stake 100% for 2 years on day 1 and get some life instead!


The dividends will be paid once per month, not a week. You can stake them everyday in the month, you will get paid once a month.

For the staking strategy:
25% for 6 months
25% for 12 months
25% for 18 months
25% for 24 months

Also I will put 5-15% of my salary into NEX and stake them for 2 years.
If there are dips I will buy 15% (based on salary) for the current month.

All the dividends paid I will convert into NEX and stake them for 2 years.

I think this is the best strategy! Good luck to everyone and spread the word of NASH Exchange!

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I’ll probably stake 1/24 of my stack for 2 years every other month. So I am slowly fading into a full 24 months stake but unlock and restake 1/24 of it regularly.

That way I am not fully staked in the beginning and still able to move in case of unexpected events plus I get the chance to unlock bigger chunks of capital every month later on if needed.

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I’ll be staking 100% of my stack for 2 years, not a flipper for me.


Yeah I worry too much about doing all the complicated things people talk about. But also I worry about another crash happening when all my tokens are staked!

Where do the dividends get paid to? Are they automatically staked also?

Remember, if you will get taxed 20% on your dividends, stake 20% for usdc and you will have your tax money ready at years end.

Well it is dependent on the Country that you live in so check on your local area’s taxing rules.

ya, it’s just the concept I’m using

Some go into my taxes account so i can easily pay them off at the end of the year. Rest will be used for daily life.

If dividends get filthy somewhere in the future, the money not needed will be reinvested or given to charity.

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