The USDC must Flow

should solve any issues with getting hands on USDC


So can Nash do what BlockFi did? Offer bank wire services where when dollars are wired into BlockFi, then the dollars are automatically converted to GUSD stablecoin. Can Nash auto-convert a bank wire to USDC? This would be the ultimate!


yeah … Circle should be able issue USDC direct to Nash/account holders with these APIs.

im assuming

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Circle will need to have payment gateways in each jurisdiction to avoid end users having to pay ridiculous intentional transaction fees. Might be something Nash’s payment partners can help solve…

I’m referencing from Circle marketplaces api doc

"Very soon you will also be able to initiate payouts from digital wallet balances to traditional payment methods around the world, so that sellers and suppliers in your marketplace can have the choice of getting paid in digital currency or locally."

seems like they want to redeem usd-c and forward analogue on to all merchants on traditional payment rails
only thing that gets me is “in your market place”

I’d interpret that as “Circle will have local accounts with local vendors in each jurisdiction and allow users to select between local currency payments or USDC”

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Yes ur right … but its a pain to get vendor onboarding to bank accounts and all the technical implementations . Circles cutting that raft off to apps like Nash

Here’s how i see it played;
Option 1
-Nash retail and customer accounts are sorted P2P via USD-C ledger entries

-Nash uses its Circle “cash business account” which is in fact a treasury to forward the ACH transfer to settle

-USD-C ledger burn/account reconciliation

Option 2
at some point retailers will be more incentivised to remain in USD-C . the redemption falls off… Nash USD-C account manager’s time to shine.

Now if Nash’s fiat treasury is large enough to handle the traffic i dont see why they couldnt implement a fiat POS service …?


Nash’ing a fiat POS transaction … ?

Customer ID > Tokenised debit card > Fiat Treasury account> Payment over traditional POS terminals

using NFC and QR codes ^^

You could complete a USD-C native transaction with a QR code on any POS terminal with an internet connection but obviously there would have to be direct integration with a wallet provider/Client


are ambassadors available to answer queries ^^^