The two major uses for blockchain in video games

When CryptoKitties slowed the Ethereum network to a crawl in 2017, it showed the limitations of games built entirely on the blockchain. But this doesn’t mean blockchain-based systems can’t be integrated profitably into more traditional games.

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In this regard, I want to link to an old topic:
I also contacted a developer of a small mobile game using enjin NFTs who were looking for a way to accept payments in crypto (as he stated to have troubles with existing providers because of their custodial nature). Told him about Nash Pay and he was very interested. I then gave him the Nash business email address. Not sure if sth developed out of it.


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Enjin has the first-mover (my latest info) in case of NFT and it is well established (in top 100).

At the end it doesn´t matter, whether enjin or some other competitors.

The question is, if there is a plan for a Nash-NFT-marketplace for every NFT in the near future?
the market of NFT´s is growing very fast. i think at least you (nash) has an eye on that, especially you wrote the article for that. :wink:

so i think you will step up in the NFT-market… in the next 12 months? Only for ETH-NFT´s?


ps: saw, it´s a blog-post. so maybe my question is in the wrong category, isn´t it?

Gaming and blockchain is a really interesting topic. Taking this industry the most relevant thing will be NFTs, beside the blockchain. How can these tokens be handled? Taking the topic of Crypto Kitties bringing down ethereum… it seems like a high number of transactions must be supported.

Isn’t this a thing for the state channel network from nash? Once the NFT is put inside the state channel network it can be transferred easily as wells as cost efficient from one person to another - still with the security of the blockchain in the background AND non custodial.

Therefore it would be interesting, if the state channel network already supports NFT token standards for ethereum or neo?

  • If yes, could a developer already take advantage of this support?
  • If no, does it seem to be a hard to integrate NFT token standards into the state channel network from a first guess technical point of view?

Diablo 3 tested an InGame auction house for the first time (against FIAT). There were many problems including duped items. If you verify random drops in rpgs via blockchain and then you can trade / sell outside of the game, this is a huge market.

A soccer card game (player) where you can swap and trade the cards and use them in any FIFA if necessary would be very easy to implement and safe.

the possibilities are just too good and safe in a world where everything can be copied via savegame


In-game purchases could be a use case but that would require partnership or a relationship with gaming platforms. If Nash Pay could be added as a payment method on PlayStation, XboX or Nintendo, that would be awesome. Maybe one day.

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I think is time for Blizzard to try this again! With Blockchain NFTs and payments it solves all the issues.


Diablo 4 shall we say? :slight_smile: Let’s hope!


I can’t even remember why they closed the RMAH, but I’m guessing it was a combination of the transaction fees and the constant influx of items leading to a decline in listing prices? (poor game design choices would’ve been responsible for the latter issue). Unless they shape D4 around that oversupply issue, then I think another RMAH would just lead to $0.01 spam listings.

It’s a shame it wasn’t designed better - it reminded me of doing MF runs back in D2, and I was having a blast for the first several months - but even if D3’s game design had addressed the supply/demand issue, the 15-25% PayPal transaction fees made the RMAH a little too ahead of its time imo.

If Nash is successful, I’d love to take inspiration from the RMAH and Diablo series, and put the dividends towards employing people for a small gamedev group.

This will ensure truly random tokenized item drops on the blockchain.

Already implemented by Six Dragons

Can you ask the dev for an update on that?