The PIT!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Super excited about the launch on the 23rd! I’m also quite proud as a Blockchain employee to say we launched our (centralised) exchange today.

For the community, have a play around with the beta to see what you like and maybe make some suggestions for the Nash team. For the team, I’m sure you know what you’re doing but take a look at the press releases and social announcements today for marketing/PR ideas. Obviously, the exchange is important. Have a play and let me know if you have any feedback for us; I can pass it onto the team.

I’m a huge advocate for both Nash and Blockchain, especially for the focus on UX and non-custodial solutions. Slightly different approaches when it comes to trading but I think there is enough of a market for both to co-exist.


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‘millions of transactions per second’ - ooof

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hahaha millions of transactions per second :rofl:
why do you need that?

Let’s say 3 million tps.
We have 7,8 billion people on earth.
That’s like every body on earth uses the system and makes every 43 minutes one transaction.

Scalability is one key to success. If you can’t scale, you cant expand to a wider network of customers. So having million of tps per second is crucial for trading imo

A lot of tps per second is curcial, true…

But every day the NYSE has around 100.000 - 300.000 transactions per second.
So millions per second is good to have, but if you start, 100.000 tps will be fine. :wink:

Bots can do micro transactions quite quickly

are those supposed to be 100,000 ect? because the way you wrote it, its just 100

Any idea if/when you can leverage on PIT? Also I agree with you guys coexisting, I usually trade on one exchange for leverage (bitmex, although it’s super sketch) and one main exchange (binance atm but plan to use nash as much as possible, as long as they have the pairing).

Edit: also, any insurance policy for users?

Happy Nash is launching the MVP together WITH the payments service. (from what I understood from the instagram story slides) To make it clear once and for all: Nash is not an exchange. Nash is fintech company building next generation financial services. Nash build an innovative matching engine just because they had to in order to build next generation services on top.

About PIT: They should have asked DJ Khaled for their commercial.

Marked SPAM.

Candid opinion - the Pit is a horrible choice of a name :sweat_smile:

Good luck @Peter!

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Thanks, mate! I’m looking forward to the successful launch of Nash, a very much needed suite of products for the industry :v: