The New Sending/Receiving Interface

I just want to compliment the team on the new sending and receiving interface on the web which shows the QR code and address immediately when receiving, when sending allows you to pick a sending speed depending on the fee you want to pay, and also a separate area for ‘depositing/withdrawing’ from Nash State channels.

This looks great and is miles better than the pervious interface which could be confusing with some people, well done team!


I agree, really like it also! :slight_smile:


Those $ costs next to gwei amounts is kinda terrifying though. A normal transaction with that gas cost is like ~$0.60

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I think it has something to do with the fact that it is an ERC20 token. All the other tokens have the same high USD fee, ETH sends have the low ETH fee as you point out.

Also keep in mind that this cost is what you’d have to pay for each transaction on Uniswap. Whereas on Nash you only to pay once to send to Nash Channels, then you can enjoy trading without network fees infinitely! Lastly, if it’s really too much for you, there are ways to avoid those costs:

  • Use Nash Cash: your funds arrive directly in Nash Channels
  • Use a cheaper chain (NEO for instance)

Only thing we miss is great tutorial about all this so current and new people know what to expect and how to use Nash


to mimic a Uniswap tx you have to do 2 with Nash. in and out of the channel. which in my experience together cost about 3x the uniswap tx. Nash advantage is when you want to trade multiple times or want to place limit orders.
the ultimate scenario is when users realize even on L2 you own your tokens and can directly send them to any other address/contract.
But for near future; Maybe one day Nash can support a direct market order from personal wallet and back to personal wallet in one block (i.e. the Uniswap experience) this could be the simplified trading view :slight_smile:


If the team could chime in, will it ever be possible to send like 1 or 2 or 3 sat transactions in order to consolidate transactions? Paying 135-150 for a consolidation transaction results in some insane fees and I would like to not spend so much if possible, unfortunate that we can’t do that on the Nash wallet. I just would rather not have to import my private key somewhere if possible.

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Totally agree,… I send some USDC from ext. wallet and now i have to pay almost 20$ tx fees (approve + nash channels) for being able to trade a bit,… if i know this before, i would not do this,…

u r ref max fee i think, cuz last week my tx cost 2$

Definitely. I’ve never paid the entire fee, and I don’t think I’ve come across anyone who has. I have definitely received first-hand accounts of people seeing stuff like this…

…and then cancelling the transfer and complaining on reddit. It’s not very inspiring when my only answer is “trust me, you won’t pay that much”.

This pic was posted recently and everyone’s answer on Telegram was along the lines of “Call up Buterin and tell him his chain is broken”. I don’t like that argument. It doesn’t fix the problem. As long as we’re operating on Ethereum, it may never get fixed. At the very least though, Nash can do something on their side to ease people’s concerns.

I dunno. Maybe gather the true fees paid over the last 30 minutes and present that as an average?

“Max possible fee: $20 / Average fee in the past 30 minutes: $3”

I’m not sure what’s technically possible, but I this is something we see over and over again with new users.

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As far as I know, the real amount paid is always somewhat close to the estimation.

My last movement was a USDC deposit from my personal account to Nash Channels, yesterday: displayed estimation was $5.1 and I ended up paying $4.59.

In the situation of the above screenshot, the user would probably pay around $19. When this is the case and this fee is just too much for you, my advice is to retry at a later time when gwei is lower.


Very true, but it would also be great to have that option to do a custom fee along side the fast, normal, and slow options. I had an estimated BTC fee of around $80 once with the lowest option being 135 sats ish due to many small receives. A 1 sat transaction to myself would solve that problem very cheaply.

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