The Nash Vision – Part 2: The Nash Exchange

The Nash Exchange is live!

This is a major step towards achieving the vision we set out in the first article of this series: a world of greater autonomy, prosperity and transparency brought about by decentralized finance.

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Great vision. Awesome article. I can really see a place for Nash in tomorrow’s society.

The future is bright! #TrustYourselves


Im very proud to be an very early believer and investor in your project.

Keep up you good work guys.

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Just out of curiosity have you/will you be sending out emails to those who signed up the the exchange but don’t follow Twitter or the website/community closely? If not at what point do you plan to notify those who signed up but are not aware the platform has launched?


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Yes, we will be emailing referral program participants once we are ready to increase marketing efforts.


The nex digital age of finance!

I was aware of that post I was just curious as to when it was planned to send out these emails. Chris answered it perfectly.

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