The Nash referral giveaway has now ended!

The Nash referral giveaway ended today at 18:00 UTC and the draw has been carried out following the procedure described in our Terms and Conditions.

We’d like to thank everyone in our community who took part and did their best to spread the word about Nash. Your contributions are what made Nash possible and will be essential in helping us improve and expand the platform!

Prizewinners will be contacted personally tomorrow by email. We will also publish a full list of winners’ first names and email hashes from our Twitter.

For those wishing to double-check the draw procedure, we will also publish the following:

  • The list of participants’ email hashes.

  • The blockhash of the first Bitcoin block mined after 18:00 UTC on 26 December 2019.

  • The list of prize salts used in the draw.

We are unable to provide further identifying information on prizewinners.

Thanks again to everyone who took part!