The Nash re-brand is a masterstroke

A few reasons why I strongly believe this re-branding move is a brilliant idea!

  • Fabio’s brief comment at the Amsterdam event, stating that the choice of nash was partly in honour of the memory of John Forbes Nash Jr. is worthy of note.
    Considering the mathematical and quantitative competence required in developing the nash matching engine, the choice of nash is apt. In comparison to Neon, nash is grounded in profound meaning and relevance. For anyone not familiar with the genius who inspired the book and subsequently the movie A Beautiful Mind, feel free to follow this link.
    John Nash recovered from mental illness to win several notable awards, including the John von Neumann Theory Prize for his discovery of non-cooperative equilibria and the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his seminal research on Game theory.
    In future, the company/community should consider setting up a John Nash charity or foundation.

  • is short and tidy compared to This is a no brainer and I believe that most users would appreciate it once the exchange is launched.

  • Every aspect of the nash logo is designed with purpose and attention to detail. The company’s chief design officer describes three core aspects of the rebranding: motion, speed and approachability. Very impressive!

  • We still get to keep catchy NEX as the name of our tokens :blush:

Looking forward to a beautiful launch and remarkable performance of the nash exchange/platform :muscle:t5:


I read in the title “the Nash re-brand is a mistake” and I was about to make a list of improtant positive aspects but thankfully I just misread.



I think you’d find a lot of us agree.

It seems the decision making from the Nash team is consistently thoughtful. The time they take to explain their decisions help to foster an intelligent and understanding (hopefully less entitled) community.

The rest may take some time to warm up to the new brand but I’d like to think whether people like it or not, NASH is more memorable (nice and short but also mental association to Dash, John Nash, Steve Nash).

The decision to have a .io domain lets people know that they’re a fresh-faced tech company.
.com is very generic/standard
.org is traditionally reserved for nonprofit entities.

The new logo is congruent with the brand; It also looks much better than the N, which in retrospect, is quite dull. Looking forward to seeing the full rebrand.


I also like it. As with all changes and idea’s, you will have proponents and opponents. I think the team knows best what’s good for Nash.

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Don’t forget the mental association to hash :wink:


Now I know why Amsterdam twice :slight_smile:


:sweat_smile: :pray:t5:

:nash_n: :+1:

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Nash is really growing on me.

Just think, if “Neon” didn’t rebrand we could have ended up with “Ant Exchange”. Doesn’t quite have the pa-nash (panache, get it?! :smile:) that :nash: has.

The future is bright :sunglasses: :nash_n:

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Just wanted to try out the new emojis


Spammer, you are. haha
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Cr7 = Nash!
Ciao peeps

The new branding is STRONG. I liked it straight away, and it’s still growing on me. A lot of people underestimate the power of great branding. I’ve been working in the design industry for over 18 years and have seen product sales increase 70%+ for numerous clients off the back of a re-brand (exact same product).



Same here :+1:

A few days ago, Kraken Exchange rebranded themselves; notice how they’ve changed their brand to align with current graphic trends. There’s a 2D/illustration heavy appearance that is quite similar to what Nash’s rebrand is going for as well. Kraken is another exchange/platform for trade I’d consider to be a strong competitor to Coinbase and Nash.

Very happy to see the Nash design team evolve with the times.

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I have to admit that when I found out I was a bit surprised that we are losing the brand NEX and going for nash, also very similar to Dash name and logo in the space. But I liked more day by day. Right now I start to see positive things like for example is much shorter than neonexchange so less chances for the people to be scammed.


these emojis should be used as much as possible in the client app: notifications of balances, dividend distributions ect … not just nash but for all cryptos .

also messaging

2 cents