The Nash platform for STO/ICO

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Hello, everyone!

Nash is one of my favourite project and I see good perspectives for scaling. There is strong fundament with diligent, quality and hard work: main and community sites, extension for browser, clear procedure for STO… Also it’s very pleasant design, I’m really get an aesthetic enjoy.

I have suggestion for further growth of Nash. Nowadays we are see how Binance’s launchpad attracts attention. This results is impressive. Quote of CZ Binance: “24000 people pre-signed the User Agreement, 19860 people successfully submitted a buy order, 2758 people got a piece. The first 22 seconds (not 10).” FOMO situation is effective marketing and good for creation liquidity on a exchange.

Yes, Binance has copied your approach with And I think you should adopt best from Binance. As you understood, I suggest to make Nash platform for launching STO/ICO for best projects. I suppose that you have a really big advantages in number of jurisdiction with admitted participants because you have a licenses. Also you can make that some different from Binance’s launchpad and change model of sales. Instead of mad “first-come, first-served” you can use fair Fusion model of ICO or your way with lottery.

I think you should think about preparing for this opportunity right after stable implementation with BTC trading.

Digitalization of companies will be in the future and Nash can lead this movement.

Thank you for attention.

Best regard!

@canesin @ethan

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Nash and IEO?
(Olu ) #2

In terms of the ICO launch pad, there is nothing to adopt from Binance. If you took part in the Nash ICO, you would realize that, yet again, Binance is the one copying Nash.
Even at that, the Nash ICO remains the best I’ve ever taken part in.
No gas wars, no hassles. Your place was guaranteed if you made the lottery and you had one week to participate.
It may be a good idea for Binance to, once again, copy the lottery method introduced by Nash to ensure fairness in their ICOs :wink:
I think the team’s priority, for now, is to launch the exchange in March.

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Hi @coolpolus, we already have a sale platform. We will generalize and add it to products in the future, as initial offerings tied to trading right after.

You must haven’t participated in our sale to ask such question, you can still access the platform on:

You can watch a video of how it works here:

Once we have reached our goals for Q1 and Q2 we will revisit the products offerings.


Nash and IEO?
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I’m not really sure about creating a launchpad. Most of the ICOs are not good projects, some are only money grabs.Just take a look at the Binance launchpad.
Even if the ICOs and STOs are real, if they fail, this will bring a bad reputation to nash. I hope you have a great answer to my concerns @canesin

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(Peter) #5

@Badanzer, with a launchpad, Nash would be creating an open opportunity for companies to raise funds + issue securities and for investors to be able invest in early stage start-ups, where this previously would have been available only to inner circles, VC firms and seed/ angel investors.

The issue with existing models such as Binance is the free-for-all, limited time only ico, with excessive marketing. This is on top of the utility token model which is often a classification to get around securities laws. If a company wants to go down the compliance route, and issue a security over a utility, this alone shows they are serious.

The Nash team have also said in the past that they are very concerned about the projects they list. I imagine this would be the same with projects they launch.

Now imagine the following scenario:

-Company X wants to launch and needs funding (doesn’t need to be a crypto company). They decide to launch using the Nash platform, issue a security token and would like to receive Bitcoin/Eth only.

-Investors are permitted to contribute in any token or fiat that is listed on the Nash exchange. Since Nash has its own exchange, the STO funds are all put through the matching engine, which could mean an immediate boost in volume of between 5-30 million USD.

-The company issuing security tokens can receive the currency of their choice, and have an immediate exchange listing. NEX holders receive increased dividends through the STO and also the immediate trading of a new token. Investors don’t need to rush to buy ETH or BNB just to contribute to an ICO.

This sounds like a great opportunity for everyone.

(Quanjo) #6

@Peter try to grasp the kind of volume when Nash is use for crypto payments at giants like Amazon, Imagine using Nash to pay your credit card, rent, utilities etc. possibilities are endless. @canesin

(Basaeal) #7

So if i understand you correctly, NEX holders would receive the STO as part of the dividend mechanism?