The Nash FAQ: All you need to know

New to Nash? Looking for an overview of our project and technology? This FAQ covers the basics and clears up some common misconceptions.

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that was a big article! In my opinion the article should also show that central exchanges make money over your money with airdrops, gas, lending, margin.

Thanks for making a FAQ!


Great article! We can point people towards this when the fuddsters come out.


The twitter share function on the blog is not functioning properly, it captures the title of the blog but not the link to the article.

Great FAQs by the way, it answers most of the questions that is thrown to us.

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Very well written and it indeed answers basically all sources of FUD. Well done @chris.fenwick and co :ok_hand:


mainstream ambitions

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Long term success, based on innovations, compliance & a lot of cool things that will help you sleep well knowing that #Nash has got your back.
Thank you :handshake: