The Nash Community passes 1,000 members!

(Carla Paiva) #1

Last week, the Nash Community welcomed its 1,000th member :tada:

We created the Community to provide a place for investors to communicate with the team directly, free from misinformation and rumors. At the same time, we wanted to promote intelligent discussion and benefit from hearing your ideas.

We hope the Community is living up to your expectations.

As we grow, we will continue to prioritize keeping a close relationship with our investors. We want to maintain a proper channel for sharing valuable information and to promote healthy discussions that benefit the project as a whole.

Please, if you are enjoying the Community, introduce it to your friends, show them what they can do here and help spread the word about Nash!

With your help, we can turn 1,000 into 10,000 :slight_smile:

(Isunil) #2

A big Congratulations to all of us!! :blush::clap::clap:

(Len) #3

Really cool! Congratulations to the team and community let’s make it to 10,000 even faster!

(Bunder) #4

Really Great!

@carla , Can you give us a hint about the number of signed up people on the Nash Exchange? :star_struck:

(Suppoman) #5

Looking forward to the 10.000 Users !! :sunglasses:

Best. :nash_n:

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(Carla Paiva) #6

That information will be shared in London at the Q1 quarterly report event :wink:

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I see the sheep have arrived…

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(Olu ) #8

Hey Suppoman? Nice to see you here :+1:
To better enlighten your followers on what a true DEX entails, check out this very detailed article here.

(Hatertots) #9

Congrats, love seeing Nash grow!

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(Vt) #10

He’s not the real suppoman:

(Olu ) #11

Lol. Quite possible he is not the real Suppo. However, I did watch the YouTube video and even though he gives Nash a good mention, he still manages to confuse a few things.
For instance, he seems to think that Nash’s performance or operation is tied to Neo.
His comparison with Binance ‘DEX’ isn’t really informative, hence why I referenced this article.

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Lol I know…it was a joke.

(Hypotheticalidentity) #13

Current Users
The community has fostered some quality discussions, and I get the sense that the user base covers a wide spectrum of users (technical, speculative, etc, etc.). I’ve projected the user base to moon by the one year community anniversary (using 50% growth rate after major milestones; guessing, of course).

Projected Users

Date Users Event
10/2/2018 8 Community Launch
2/6/2019 600
2/27/2019 900 10 days after NEO DevCon
3/15/2019 1000 1000 users
4/1/2019 1100
5/1/2019 2250 1 month after BETA launch
6/1/2019 3375 Bitcoin trading available
7/1/2019 5063 1 month after Worldwide launch
8/1/2019 7594 Nash Payments released
9/1/2019 10252
10/1/2019 13840 Avg Monthly Trading - $1B

Thanks, Nash team for taking time to address questions/concerns along the way. Whether the community balloons or not, I imagine this forum will feel completely different in half a years time.

(FCC) #14

That actually is a pretty good model, hope we hit that =). Only caveat is that I think that the percentage of active members from total membership number will decrease in quite similar rate.

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(Ellyse Bolton) #15

lol… its only 1k…
Binance having 10 million users… we are not even 0.01%

(Ant0ni081) #16

It doesnt really matter what you think about Suppo… at the end of the day he could do a good review on Nash and drive a fair bit of business our way. Personal influencer preferences aside you ort to be welcoming his highlighting of nash. I watched that show and he had nothing but good things to say about Nash on the occassions it was mentioned.
Best situation we should be pushing him to do a full on review and many others like him. Its only a good thing.

(Kristiyan G) #17

What is the date for the London event ?
Can anyone join ?

(Aisperwine) #18

I don’t like it. Suppoman is for me only influencer what promotes everything he earns. Personaly I dont’t have good experience with that youtuber.

(Vic9t) #19

Only 1k of active members for an exchange that is still not out there is very promising! If you take a look at the Binance chain community forum you will see that it is way more active here:
Compare the number of views for the top subjects (I didn’t find the total number of users)

And by the way have you noticed how similare their forum is compared to Nash one? It is a copy/paste, I hope they won’t be able to do the same with the matching engine and other stuff…
Binance really looks like Nash’s nemesis, they may have millions of users on their CEX, but are they attached so much that they won’t move to a better alternative?
Just like when everyone moved from Bittrex and other CEX with shi**y UI to go to Binance and its low fee with the native token over a couple of months. It shows how easy it is for people in this space to adapt, I mean we are still in innovator//early adopters phase, so most people understand the basics of the tech, and the risks of investing during this period. If we would have been in a more advanced stage of adoption it would have been hard to move users from their favorite exchange, given the fact that typical retail investors are not so informed.
I’m aware that first mover advantage is very important, but Nash will bring a lot of innovation, and is a pioneer in STO / true DEX, so in a sens it may turned out to be a very good timing to launch (also given the current bear market environment, which leave time to develop and get ready for the stress of a full bull run).

(Crypto King) #20

That is actually true @Vic9t. Nash will definitely be the reference expecially when they have their Security trading licence and banking licence.Imaging index funds, and STO issuants, when that start it will be a whole new story for nash.

All this things may take time but the sure thing is nash is a sleeping beast. Binance is knows that very well. This is why they have started panicking and copying nash ideas. But when the beast gets up, binance will understand that their race is over.

NASH the beast.