The Nash "Ambassadors" - How I have been banned from 3 telegram channels for speaking my mind

Hello Community,

today I want to talk about what happened to me on the unofficial chat rooms in telegram, where after speaking my mind and apparently pissing off a former Ambassador, I was banned from Nash Italia, Nash Staking Syndicate and Nash Trading Syndicate.


After all my efforts, I am still banned from the groups, and so are many other people who were banned over petty arguments like this over the last few months. Actually, many people came up to me to share similar stories in the Italian community.

Therefore, I would like to urge both the team and the community to come up / revise our guidelines.

Thank you,
a fellow community member

[@canesin EDIT]:

Thank you for the report @Token_Security! I removed most of the text and all replies.

Please send me a DM if you have an official representatives miss-behaving.


Guys, please don’t let this things come here to the team - this community has absolutely no reason to fight inside itself. Please cut the drama and approach this with professionalism - this is not meme coin or anon anime founder project.

I don’t say any of this situation is your case, but I will write this once for reference for those issues that pop-up. Posts like this will have absolute no future on this space.

A Ambassador is not representing the company image and values? Send me or team members a message and we solve as soon as possible. We make ourselves very accessible - and hey, we might disagree with you, is our prerogative!

It is not the case and you need a new space? Figure it out! Create a new Telegram channel, there is certainly more like minded people that also is working hard and putting love in this project - is better to be in a group with less people that you achieve more. The team is here and continue support the community efforts.

So, on the things I wanted to talk about that are related:

1st) Let’s stop, ignore and nullify the negativity: people need to be responsible and live with the consequences of their choices. Either they help us improve or they are just a detriment.

We are all working hard on the business, product and community. Nobody take decisions out of our asses. Founders are also investors in this company, we are big users of metrics and are in constant contact with the best there is in building businesses and finance companies. Doing what we set to do (change peoples money with a proper digital finance company) is not a easy or a quick thing and will require a lot more stamina than most people is used to put in projects - most people don’t create high growth companies.

So: I do understand when some are banned for nagging or just being the 10th smart-ass of the day. I think that is absolutely necessary.

2nd) Someone is salty and want to damage our image? Insta ban there. No fucks given.

There is many ways to be a positive force, look at all the people daily thinking on new content, tools and ways to make Nash reach more people. Every day more we see of those people, welcome! This we built for you!

3rd) You are certain team is running the project wrong? Want to change the team and have your voice heard by complaining about someone? Fuck you, this is the team. We were here before and will be here after you: that is our agreement.

If we don’t have shared values we aren’t a community. We are just a bunch of idiots wasting time. The team established a vision and a mission, there are 5 founders here and it was always the case - they aren’t going anywhere because someone said something or because someone thinks it can do our jobs better. They can become founders of their own thing and establish their own communities - good luck.

Now that all is said: let’s get back to building? To adding? Create more! If you disagree with someone, move along - you don’t need to work together. We have a official community and a official channel - both with clear rules.