The most worse point of nash at the moment

I know there was a lot of threads before from people not being able send funds because they were stuck on the trading contract.
But regarding to these discussions I thought these problems got resolved.
Today I wanted to trade some ETH for NEO so I sent ETH to Nash. This is now more than 45 minutes ago.
My ETH are confirmed but I am not able to send them to the trading contract.
It say all the time that my balance is being syncronized with the blockchain and I should try in 5 minutes.

IMAO this is the most weak point of nash atm. This is an absolute core functionality for users to being able to send their funds through the contracts.
I use nash regularly for minor trades of under 1000 € but every time I do it is a real pain to use the trading contract sending thing. It is slow, needs ages to sync and does simply not work way too often.
Please have focus on that as well.


Also the ability to choose the speed of the transfers for both external and trading accts.(Fast/slow). I am in a situation to make around 30 transfers today which could be done with a lower fee as it is not urgent.

Now I am monitoring the ETH network for the transfer fee to go down before I place my transfer request


I received my ETH on nash now over 1 hour ago.
I am still not able to send it to the trading contract.
Support ticket is raised but I have to switch to binance now. And this really hurts…

That issue annoying terrible and maybe the team take a look how idex or switcheo solve that process. never had that problems on other dex`s.

this is exactly what I was wondering as well.

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As for me, this morning I successfully sent ETH to my trading contract, traded it for NEO, but now I’m stuck trying to withdraw it from trading to personnal :worried:

That being said, I hope (and believe) that we won’t be waiting much longer, since the team has been aware of this for a long time (see here and here).


Just monitoring a balance in a contract is really simple, and that is what this other projects are doing and we do in other places. The issue here is syncing the state channels with the smart contract, a complete different thing. We are working on several improvements on this, a few will be released on short term (this month) and others on mid term. They should completely solve the UX issue.


We all understand NASH is building a very difficult tech. We all are with NASH.


I was waiting for such explanation for a long time, because I thought to myself everytime I couldn’t transfer money to and out of contract:“no way these guys would not figure it out how switcheo is doing, there must be something else…”

Thank you @canesin for your time and reply.

Thank you for the quick feedback. It is such a big problem and for new interested user often the main reason to leave nash immediate. When we inviting some trader friends to visit and try out the exchange this is very unpleasant feeling to see them struggling with such basic stuff like fund transfer. Stay stafe nash community!

As lightning network payment channels in Bitcoin is an example of state channel use, UX in bitcoin transfer may be like that or its different?

Cant wait to see changes and improvements here with this part of Nash. We need a feel good animation for sending assets rather than that very small throbber or better yet instant - no loading. It doesn’t help that after a failed transaction or being asked to wait for sync the X button in the UI window does not work. I also find that this sending assets window is slightly too large, as a result has a very strange scroll bar with the smallest amount of content hidden off screen. When using this part of the exchange I cant help thinking of the Jurassic Park magic word scene.


The best thing about nash right now is that it really is only up from here. Team seems pretty confident on this launch (regarding company delivery/exposure/growth, etc.)


the upside is massive if nash manage to hit their targets. no other competition in regard to a regulated dex. having a re-worked ui with the introduction of bitcoin trading should hopefully gain more attention. that said, a lot of patience is probably needed with this project given the scope of it all.


So either the tech team has been working around the clock or someone forgot to remove maintenance mode…

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Here’s the explanation:

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Please can we have a fix for the X button when you are asked to wait for sync in the send assets window? This sounds bad but it feels like someone twisting the blade.