Tales of a transfer (fee wise)

Disclaimer: I’m sorry, I know this topic has been tackled more than once. I can’t remember if Nash team answered that they have a better implementation incoming. If so, feel free to disregard this feedback.

I’m trying to get a small ETH amount out of my trading contract. If I click on “Max”, here’s what I get:

It appears transaction cost can be up to 0.0015 ETH (as per below screenshot), so why not simply fill 0.06540233 (= 0.06690233 - 0.0015) ? :thinking:

Also not great: if I remove the last digit (see above screenshot), I can “Continue”. So it looks like the front logic is “if the amount you’re trying to send is lower than your total amount, then you’ve probably got enough for fees” …? :thinking:



This message however, is very explicit and understandable :+1:

:information_source: Unlike my above post, note that this is from Personal to External.

Wait… But the message just said I “…may still manually input [my] entire balance.” ! :thinking:

Thanks for the report @Oldsport, we will make some UX improvements. On the 1st screenshot could you please tell me how much you had of ETH in the personal account ? Before the Trading > Personal transfer.


I had 0.02 ETH.


Nash team listens to our feedback, here’s proof:

I’ve been testing this a bit and here’s my new feedback:

  • (Much better usability ofc)
  • The “Keep 0.025 ETH…” toggle is behaving weirdly for me (on Mac): I get this sort of square around it (see appendix). Maybe making the entire banner togglable would make things smoother.
  • You must save 0.0003 ETH…” : much better than “Insufficient funds”, but still requires the user to do the math and edit the amount himself. How about a “Substract 0.0003 ETH” link on the same line like so:

Another solution which I think would be even smoother: don’t ask the user’s opinion about the network fees, just take them out. Say I want to transfer 0.1 ETH and network fee is 0.01 ETH, then act as if I had input 0.099 ETH. (So we can forget about that “Substract” barbarism…). Isn’t that technically possible?



This. Less is more :heart:


As much as I would like to have the fees just taken out, I don’t like the approach. If I transfer 0.1 eth and need 0.1 eth for a purchase i will sit there with 0.099 eth and need to go for another transaction (personal <-> external). For a transaction between (personal <-> trading), it would be okay imo.

I agree with this. Just take the fees out and make the experience as seamless as possible.

Fees should be transparent but don’t make it a point of friction.


We have a series of changes to be made on the transfer process to make it more seamless (like removing the user facing state sync and approval processes), so we decided to bundle further improvements into that.