The Most bullish news to come out of the quarterly report other than BTC trading going live

@ethan’s announcment about Nash looking into adding non-custodial leverage, options trading and perpetual futures contracts is by far the most bullish news to come out of the quarterly report. DeFi and Options are two of the strongest trends in crypto right now as demonstrated by the success of FTX, DyDx, Maker, Nexo and others. This shows than Nash has it’s finger on the pulse and is willling to dedicate the resources nessecary to remain competitive in the everchanging crypto landscape.

I believe the above article is accurate in it’s prediction about the future of the crypto space, Bitcoin and Ethereum have become the economic bandwidth for the space with the largest market cap enabling others to add layers of value on top. Nash is in prime position to disrupt the crypto bank layer and integrate directly with existing and upcoming DeFi protocols and services. Some of this growth will come through Nash building it’s own products, supporting integration with the legacy “crypto banks” as well as the emerging DeFi tools and protocols. I look forward to hearing about Ethan’s findings in the future and am optimistic about Nash’s approach.

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I did not know that :open_mouth: I was even wondering some time ago if that will be technically possible. Super exited to hear that they are exploring this possibility! With BTC and if this dream comes true, we should do another referral program and bring the traders to Nash. The rest will come alone… Again I hope they can archieve that! This will make Nash a unicorn!

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In additional to this, I was excited to hear that team is looking into options for listing nex in nash (without the security license). When new comers ask in unofficial channels where to buy nex, today we suggest third party exchanges…

It will be amazing to get nex as dividend once nex is listed in nash