The heart of Nash: Our off-chain matching engine

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The article states, “The matching engine is initially designed to support five nodes, with four nodes having to reach consensus for updates to be written to the blockchain. This will significantly increase the security of our system from attackers. Moreover, our present architecture is constructed with a view to upgrading to a fully decentralized system in the future.”

I heard a rumour that Nash might consider allowing individuals/organisations to operate a node, if they stake a certain amount of NEX (100,000 NEX was the value I heard).
Is this article saying that this is still a possibility? I appreciate this might not decided yet, but any clarification would be great :slight_smile:

@John_Nash source? 100K NEX for Node?

All rumor. I read it on Nash Telegram from a guy that heard it in conversation at the Amsterdam event a few months ago.

It would makes sense. CoZ runs a node on the NEO network (I believe). Makes sense that perhaps NEO (or a similar trusted organisation) would run a node for Nash.

I guess it really depends on what Nash’s goal is. Having 5 nodes operated by the founders makes the system quite safe from external attack/hack. But its not really a fully decentralised system. But in order to be fully decentralised, the network would need maybe another 10 nodes operated by separate but known parties - they need to be trusted/reliable/verified/approved by the Nash team really - but independant enough so that you could call the system decentralised. Question is, is decentralisation really that important?

Perhaps the answer will come in time, by the demands of the market. And this might be why we havent heard anything specific about it from the Nash team.

Well, I feel like having to stake 100k Nex would be quite a save bet.

Obviously, in case you aren’t faithful with the blockchain, you lose your stake.
The value of the stake grows with the success of the plattform so at any point it shouldn’t be financially feasable to destroy the matching engine UNLESS you benefit from third party exchanges, that benefit from the failure.

I feel like ~20 Nodes should be the goal. It should still be very fast but much more secure.

Fabio Already Mention in the first quarter meeting, that the network will be free to Join

@John_Nash this is still far in time, but the reason for staking normally is to solve Sybil attacks. Most of the other parameters were regarding performance. There is maybe 8 or 10 big chains coming online or launching new versions trying new ideas to solve this issues this next year that we will just seat and watch for a while.