The big 2018 Q4 sum-up article of NEX and the rebranding to NASH!

Hi NEX’ers or should I say NASH’ers?

Yesterday I attended my 3rd event were NEX was present (in Amsterdam) with a bit of a overcrowded audience we started the the quarterly reports of NEX Q4 2018.

This again is a summarization of the event and TooLazyToWatch for the people who just want to have a quick read of it.

Vibe again was great the booth was smaller then the last times which was needed to make it a bit more accessable for everybody to talk to eachother.

@canesin starts his presentation.

  • Welcome! Thanks for being here. He tells us he recongnizes a lot of people from the last event.
  • He loves Amsterdam (we as the community voted for the event to be in Amsterdam not sure if that’s the reason for them to be actually doing it here)


  • Bringing distributed finance to everyone.
  • Solve issues and bring decentralization to the finance world.
  • Our goal is to empower the world to invest in trade in managing digital assets.
  • Everybody knows that their goal is 2030 1 billion users.
  • We focus on compliance, we believe it will be important to realise this goal.


  • A safe and user-friendly experience for everyone
  • People are now used to banks/creditcards and feel safe using it, we want the same for NEX.
  • We want to offer customers of all kinds the best experience. And the most secure one.


  • Our people and integrity.
  • Valueing individuals, individuals are important as a whole.
  • We try not to work with deadlines we just want to do it the best way possible. Even if it takes a little longer.
  • We believe in excellence, if you do it right you do it once.

NEX is evolving… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • We need to empower more our brand
  • Many people have noticed we didn’t invest so much in our branding there’s a reason for that
  • We have been rebranding the last 2 months
  • Renaming due to a legal case.

Source medium article: “How we’ve developed our brand”
Why is NEX changing its name to Nash?

Carla Paiva: We’ve acquired a large following and have a fantastic community offering us support. We know how fond people are of the NEX name and brand. But we’re also looking to the future and thinking of people who haven’t heard our name yet. We want to bring distributed finance to everyone, and we need a name that will help us achieve that — a name that will help us gain millions of users within our first year.

In November 2018, we faced a legal action from a company claiming rights to the name “NEX”. This put us on the spot. Should we fight to retain the name, a potentially risky and costly move? Or should we consider how well that name functions with the brand we’ve built and see if we could improve on it?

On reflection, we chose the second option, and we’re glad we did.

We’ve moved very fast and built our platform in roughly 16 months. However, in the process, we’ve seen the brand take on a life of its own. “NEX” stands for “Neon Exchange”, the original name of the project. While “NEX” is short and snappy, it has left us with two identities: the official “Neon Exchange” and the shorter “NEX”. As we prepare for launch, we have to ask: Is this the best way to approach millions of new users?

Clare Saunders: There’s also the issue of NEO and Neon. NEO is one of the networks to be supported at launch and we used it to hold our ICO. A number of our founders and developers are also major figures in the open-source NEO community. However, we don’t wish to overstate the connection between our company and NEO. We are our own project and could migrate our infrastructure to another blockchain if necessary. We’ll also be supporting other networks from launch and adding more in the future. As such, we don’t want a name that ties us to another company.

Carla Paiva: Exactly. Our new name, Nash, reflects our commitment to revitalizing the world of economics — to changing the way people think about finance. We think this name will let us reach as many people as possible.

Sorry but couldn’t add the new logo here. Due to forum restrictions.

  • It’s an hommage to a great mathematician (John Forbes Nash Jr.)
  • Also simpler to market. Shorter and more powerfull.
  • Instead of promoting you will just go to

@Nathaniel will take over from here to talk about the new logo/icons

Source medium article: “How we’ve developed our brand”

Nathaniel Walpole: It’s let us keep the essentials but make a number of improvements. The new logo is designed to fit the brand we’ve already created and to express our central ideas more effectively.

We started with the idea of motion before we came up with any designs. It’s the single idea underpinning our work. We want to represent the flow of assets between A and B. In traditional financial systems, there are lots of hurdles in the way and too much time is involved. The experience of flow is generally lacking. Our products provide ways to connect A and B more smoothly.

Sorry but couldn’t add the new logo here. Due to forum restrictions.

With the Nash logo, I wanted to convey the idea of momentum in the transfer of funds and the speed with which assets move. This is achieved with the italicized typeface and the dashes to the left, which also provide subtle cues towards currency, like the strip on the back of a credit card. The embellishments on the “n” and “h” also contribute to this symbolism, suggesting the direction of travel of assets as they move through Nash.

I went for a fairly strong typeface to elicit the idea of trust. However, I also smoothed off the corners to make it appear approachable — they were quite harsh before. Likewise, choosing a lowercase “n” creates a more approachable and friendly logo in terms of a user’s immediate emotional response. We strive to create this friendly, emotional response within our products, so it makes sense to take the same approach in our logo.

Sorry but couldn’t add the new logo here. Due to forum restrictions.
Our old and new logos.
Sorry but couldn’t add the new logo here. Due to forum restrictions.

  • New iconography/illustration style, make it more dynamic and easy. Generic enough to be for a wider range of users.

Back to @canesin for Q4 Architecture and Security

  • Everybody is gonna learn to love nash as we are. Shows new hoodies & t-shirts
  • It’s nash of nex exchange so it fit’s nicely on the token ticker.
  • Nine new employees fastest expansion yet. We hope to do it again in Q1.
  • Q4 was focussed on technology we brought people to back-end to work on that.
  • Q1 we will bring more people to front-end and support.
  • Unfortunately we had people leaving the company at net we have 6 new people our goal is to continue to grow.


  • Marketing&Communications will be pushed much more from now on.
  • We stalled it till the new brand.
  • New name, new social engagement initiatives, 2019 growth project, launch program, media presence, community focus
  • New handles for our social assets and try to migrate as smooth as possible.
  • Bigger push for nash on media channels.
  • Double down the community focus! (Wohoo!:sunglasses:)
  • Everybody has to join the community! Easiest way to reach us and likewise.
  • Community will be reached on and the brand will be excersided much more there.

NEO DevCon 17th Feb 2019

  • Launch of new website and pre-registration program.
  • Talking launch dates?

Q1 2019 will be held 27th of April in London.

  • We hope to be talking user numbers by then.

Backend and Matching engine

  • Multi-chain state channel manager
    Doesn’t talk directly to the blockchain but has layers inbetween
  • ECC-based authentication
    We believe we have something here that’s really powerfull
  • Deterministic
    Every input gets 1 output, communication layers shows diagram which makes it look more complex.
    Working apart from the Blockchain. It has a heartbeat! Shows video of the engine working. Parallel markets working cross-chain on the same matching engine.
    The accounts in the engine will be encrypted so you won’t see directly who’s trading so no identity leaks but it’s provable it’s you.
  • Distributed

Blockchain & Payments

  • We’re in the phase of integration/interaction
  • It’s core to the company.

Trade protocol: user funds never at risk

  • If it is the case that nash as a system is compromised the user funds won’t be at risk, they can steal a bit from NEX but it’s not what they think it is.

Small and portable across platforms

  • Smart contracts will be small and can be parted to many different chains

Ready for distributed and decentralized ME

  • Requires no change from the smart contract design

Own your funds, always

  • We’re not a bank we can not block your withdrawal, we can block trades.

We’re gonna show a video that tests the system to show that it’s ready, all the 93 components had a :+1: so they seem ready.

Front-end Extension & Mobile

  • Front-end almost in sync with back-end.
  • Zero-knowledge key manager, custody is over, the future is non-custodial.
  • Since we see a lot of people copying it in the wrong way let’s be transparant.
  • NEX never sees your keys, doesn’t save them, we will have this at MVP launch.
  • There is room for improvement after MVP.
  • It will be the same as logging in to your bank/CEX (Centralised Exchange) you have your portfolio and assets and you’ll be ready to trade.
  • We can do it cross-chain/multi-chain due to our zero knowledge key manager using our cryptography.
  • Zero knowledge is the only way to own your money.
  • Blockchain as the infrastructure not the interface
  • The way it should look like is if there is no chain at all.
  • Only thing you need to do is select your markets

Legal and compliance

  • US at Launch. We hope our coverage increases as applications progresses. :us:
  • Worldwide Bitcoin conditional on funds management and exchange support. :rainbow_flag:
  • Initial markets are:
  • We will also release our listing document on NEO DevCon for how to apply to NEX
  • We won’t list for money, only by process.

How does nash compare to others?

  • I pasted this because it will be easier to read through.

I hope that this is valueable for someone that doesn’t have the time to watch for one and a half hour. Still wanna watch? Click here: link!
starting: 00:31:15 mark and with the AMA on the 01:36:15 mark.

If there’s people who would like the AMA transcribed let me know then I will work on that. Please if there’s some mistakes or anything to add put it in the comments and I’ll correct!

And excuse my English and grammar, it’s not my native language.

Wish all you guys a lot of :nash_logo: (unfortunately this emoji is not working yet),



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