Thanks for answering my other questions in the London event, what about margin trading though?

(Cammofunk) #1

How does your team plan to attract high volume users without margin trading? Is there a plan to include this (even just for specific regions) in the near future?

(CryptoUK1) #2
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(Cammofunk) #3

Ya that’s a far statement, is that for every region? Are they difficult to acquire? Is this something the team even wants as part of their exchange?

(CryptoUK1) #4

The answer to your last question is definitely yes. Still planned. Unsure on the rest

(Cammofunk) #5

How do you know it is definitely yes? Edit: tired… you quoted ethan, would like to get a fresh perspective from the team when they have a sec

(Sch3n) #6

Because that was already talked about in the last Q&A / Earnings Report. You will find your answer there.

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(Cammofunk) #7

link please, it’s not part of Q4 2018 report from I can tell

(Kazanchev) #8

The latest Q&A was several days ago.

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(Cammofunk) #9

The London event? Or was there a formal paper released? Link it please.