Thank you team for this community portal!

(Pascal) #1

Friday at the party i was a little skeptical about this portal. Now i am using it it find it really handy and nice to use.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Aaaah shut up…
  • Thanks team!
  • I don’t know yet

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(Bunder) #2

haha, great poll!

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(Nathaniel) #3

You’re welcome - we’re glad you’re liking it! :slight_smile:

(Samuel Mansfield) #4

Hi Pascal,

Thanks for attending our Amsterdam birthday party - we hope you had a great time! We’re all excited to hear what you and other NEXers think about the NEX Community so we can do our best to improve our new platform.

Samuel :nex_logo:

(Pascal) #5

I had a great time, thank you!

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