Thank you NEX 🍻

(Basti) #1

I’d like to give a little kick. At the “NEX Freaks” you are actually aware of what we have here with the NEX team for luck?
People, we as small people (at least a big part of us) are sitting at the same table with the NEX team through the “NEX Community”.
We can share our thoughts, worries, feelings, and desires directly with each of the team, as if sitting on the couch with a beer in hand with him watching football. We are extremely lucky. We do not have any telegram group in which one or two delegated admins only play a small part.
Here we can help shape NEX. That’s amazing!

Although not all articles are answered here, but honestly, it takes a lot of time to empty all messages. I think it’s more important that the team takes care of their project.

So on this way Thank you very much, keep up the good work. I hope that with nex all we move / change something and get some profit.

(please excuse if something is not clearly written using Google translator) :grin:)

(Alex) #2

Agree. Its great to have a close relation with the team / product
Better than Telegram for sure. Not sure how it compares with Reddit though.

(and the english is fine no worries)

(Ethan Fast) #3

Thanks @Basti, you’ve well described many of our goals for the community :slight_smile:

(Basti) #4

Thanks Ethan

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