Thank You! NASH Team

After reading endless ramblings about what you should do, or how you should do something. From people that never have been in your position, or even have some kind of business expirience.

I for once only wanted to say THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication to this project.
I know and i see from the Past that you have a real Goal and a dedication to reach it.

Im in the crypto space since 2014, and I see comments every day from those People that didnt even read 1 whitepaper screaming the loudest that something is going to slow or prices are too low.

Please dont let your time and thoughts be wasted on those “Moonboys” and their endles rambling about things they dont even self understand ie. “decentralization. Price of an Asset, possible development speed and time!”

There are People that are watching you and see what kind, and how dedicated your Progress and development is. And YES i too would wish that the exchange goes live as soon as possible. But i put my full Trust in the development and Progress you have made and will make. Because I did my homework and I know that a great Product takes time and not just marketing shilling ie.(TRON and endless other Projects).

Also i think it is a great idea that you do a Quarterly Investor/community Briefing.
Thank you for this! And all your hard working hours, and sleepless Nights

@canesin @carla


I totally agree with your opinion. Patience is the key

You’re making this extremely black-white. It isn’t. Sure there are “moonboys” who “ramble”, but there are also genuine concerns and people should be able to address them. Without immediately being called a “moonboy”.


Thanks for the words! I will transmit to the team, we are all certainly giving more than 100%.


beta looks good … well done
its def fast enough … can only think its a game changer with bitcoin. no going back

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