Tether events

(Mao Mao) #1

Shall we talk about why you think the binance funds(tether) are moved to thousands of addresses?

Not sure if we should trust this chico guy…

But let’s head to the tether topic…

Do u think is cz going to sell his tether? Like trying to send his tether to lots of addresses then slowly dump them since tether is in “dip serious issue recently”

Wondering whats going to happen to Binance and other exchsnges since they hold lots of tether trading and funds.

(Sam) #2

Not sure about all of that but I’m just glad Nash were intelligent enough beforehand to not list Tether.

(Mao Mao) #3

Right. They are doing all the right things. This has to be align with what they claim, to make sure investors have a piece of mind when using nash… which i love about.

(mtanev) #4

There are users selling USDT and others who are buying USDT on an exchange. From my understanding, if Tether price dumps, exchanges are not losing any money, as the tokens belong to the users of the exchange and not the exchange themselves.

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