Testnet when nash.io is live

will there be a testnet when nash.io goes live? Testnet may be an option to try out new features and getting user feedback

Isn’t Beta also a TestNet? Haha.

I think a Testnet would be the wrong way. If I would advise to introduce a demo account the new users can test the Echange without real money use. Just as it is usually handled on forex exchanges :slight_smile:


interested to know whats the plan nash has in mind. my understanding equilibrium will exist only until May 24th.

The beta is the test-net…they are testing new features for the launch which will be a main-net since the official launch with deal with real chains and real currency so it has to be live on the main-net.

traditionally many companies keep an environment for clients to test upcoming features etc. I have a feeling nash will never try to stop adding new features and was wondering if there will be a permanent test version out there for users to give a try.

That is the idea, we will keep Equilibrium around even after we release the live platform. Several developments in the future will require user testing before being pushed live, and we will count on our community to refine those.


Good plan Fabio :grinning: