"Terminator" Button!

(Blondie) #1

Here I am again,

Did I mention I did not get invited for the Beta? :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway…What I also miss in every exchange is a button next to your limit order where you can “market execute” the order/ overrule the limit order on any other tab

So for instance I have an open limit order of BNT and I am watching the ICX chart and I see an awesome opportunity to gain a quick 5%, I might want to execute the sell of BNT right away, make the quick trade and then use the gains to get into BNT again. Instead of now there is only the option to cancell the limit order and the go to the bnt chart and sell.

In quick trades this might mean your % scalp moment is g.o.n.e

Again…I put all the tips here and a customizable screen would be great. this whole forum is not closed so other platforms can steal them. Timestamp me…these tips are ROCKSOLID!

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(Ikbinruig) #3

I don’t think that’s correct, since your funds are already in the smart contract (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to put the limit order).

I believe it works like this: You open a state channel (deposit funds in smart contract), then you can trade fast using the state channels (almost as fast as centralized exchange) and only when you close the channel (withdraw funds) it has to be written to the blockchain.

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That’s actually a good point. I wasn’t really thinking about it like that but yes you are correct. I’d be curious to see if the speed can handle scalp trading. I’d imagine it can if you keep your funds in the smart contracts. So this may actually be a possibility after all. Would be nice to see if possible. Good suggestion @Blondie, curious to see if the team has input on this.

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(Blondie) #5

I don’t see a “withdraw post” option. Only “delete post”. But might it be an idea to make an option where you can “hide posts”? so only admins see them? Or maybe put a timer on them for like 48 hours and then they auto delete?

clears up space too. All forums get cluttered when they exzist longer then a year.