Telegram group

I think need official telegram group or other chat group. What is your idea?


welcome. try using the search box for posts about whats related to your questions. a lot has been discussed already. Just search ‘telegram group’

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we could make an unofficial telegram group. Would anyone be up for that? Or better let it be if the team doesnt want it?

There are already UNOFFICIAL nash telegram group out there. Nash do NOT have any relations with those telegram groups…

But of course join at your own risk as there are lots of scammers and impersonators and trolls out there who tries to scam anyone who knows little about protecting themselves from scams.

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I really like how Nash strategically decided against Telegram. This is not a proper medium to communicate with investors, users and who ever has a stake or share in it.

Question: Is Microsoft, Google, N26, bunq or any other player hosting a Telegram Group?
Answer: No.

Like @MaoMao said: Join the various unofficial TG Groups at your own risk. I can say that there are a lot of helpful and nice members. Not that much of a moon talk. However, if you want to address anything or if you want to contribute anything, better do it here. This is the right place to raise concerns, ask questions and contribute with ideas, impressions or just your opinion.


Here’s one, and like the other guy said, use at your own risk:

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Pour les francophones vous pouvez venir échanger ici :


No we don’t, that is what this official community forum is for.

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