Telegram community still best for crypto

(Growthofgrowth) #1

I have been here many times. Its always dull here. But always find the unofficial telegram group giving more excitement about my investment in NEX.

I hope this changes when the exchange goes life and maybe we can hear more from the team.

Whats your own experience?

(Neogasrpx) #2

I guess they can co-exist, if you want to have a casual chat and share price predictions and/or gifs Telegram is the go-to channel, for in-depth discussions on the platform I guess the NEX Community is the go-to channel…

(Nex 4 Ever) #3

The problem I am facing in TG Groups is that it is full of bad stuff and actors, and as a company you cannot control the information. people create fake accounts and spread fake news, trying to scam people. It is almost impossible to have constructive discussions. I much more like the way we discuss, debate and communicate here.

(Carla Paiva) #4

Hi @growthofgrowth! Thanks for sharing your experience. Unfortunately Telegram is simply not compatible with the type of relationship we seek to establish between NEX and our community.
We are constantly studying ways to strengthen our relationship with NEXers and are working on different projects with this focus. Stick around, we are always improving :wink:

(TAT3AN) #5

Telegram groups are great for seasoned crypto enthusiasts and very general info but if you want true adoption this isn’t the way to get it. You don’t see Apple or Netflix with a telegram. People need an obvious line of official communication. The 3rd party app isn’t the way to do it.

(Kelvin Fugara) #6

Well Said

(Crypt On The Beat) #7

Just the fact that there is too much scam on Telegram, better to NEX to avoid it. NEX Community is the best tool for us I think and it is more serious

(CryptoUK1) #8

I find the community telegram hard to read now. It was great for a while but has definitely went downhill. You get some value here n there but for the most part, it’s just sh!t talk. Arguments about nothing, price being asked 10 times a day etc…

(Len) #9

Really agree, most of the groups just overwhelm you with 10,000 messages a day full of bullcrap… Kinda hard to read through to be honest… Here you can decide whether you wanna read my topics or not :wink:

(Crypt On The Beat) #10

And it’s true than the subjects here are different than when moon, price asking or scam fud in Telegram. NEX Community involve more serious persons and topics/feedback, good for the team and for us.

(Len) #11

NEX WHEN MOON :nex_logo::nex_logo::nex_logo::nex_logo:

(Cryptoenthoo) #12

i like it here, there is less fud, not question about current price / when exchange scrolling over and over. Also, TG is heaven for scammers, they are innovative by tricking new guys to send ether/bitcoin or by making them download some virus.

(Nex Azure) #13

I’m glad that nex dials this way of communication and not telegram, telegram are really many dubious people on the way. The NEX community is really professional. Not like a cheap chat group on telegram.


It is better to communicate in this way, it allows us to be more united and strengthen as a community and not otherwise and especially the telegram that we know the problems that are generated there.

(Rory) #15

I check both NEX unofficial telegram channels every day and I can tell you…the “NEX Community” TG channel is straight toxic. There are some good folks there who are just genuinely excited about NEX, but a lot of it is misinformed people spouting nonsense, folks trying to fud or people just trying to s*** on any other projects that might be seen as competition.

This forum is a haven of calm, rational thought and discussion by comparison. I don’t think the TG channels are without merit, but to me they just offer something completely different than this place and I like it that way.

(Yoruba Angel) #16

Telegram is best for those who like to speculate prices and are more concern about the interim price of NEX. NEX building this kind of community has provided us a place to have meaningful and sensible discussion with the team. Telegram isn’t going to increase adoption, having a strong community that are not just focus on price will help support NEX achieving its long term objectives

(Mao Mao) #17

I love this community website more than the telegram group. One of the reason is we know that these are legit NEX hodlers who might likely contribute sincerely to the development and discussions of NEX. Telegram is not a place we want to be honest like what Fabian said, its hard to control spam there compared to here.

(Guardian Circle) #18

Agreed – THIS is the right way to build a thoughtful community, right here. Telegram is too wild and crazy. And it’s too interrupt-driven: you think half a thought, and it’s going off with a million things and people adding to you to groups you didn’t opt in to, and pitches for things – ugh. I am very happy in here. Telegram I just can’t go on without it feeling like shouting into a mob every time.