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(Matthewcrypto) #1

Just had a look on the website and couldn’t see a link to a telegram channel. With the Nash community website I don’t see the point in having a telegram chat/spam group however I think an announcement channel could be useful for keeping people engaged with what the project is up to.

Telegram appears to be the app of choice for many in the crypto community so I think the project is missing an opportunity by having no official presence on the application.

It wouldn’t have to be much work for you guys just when ever you post on twitter you also post it to the telegram announcement channel too. Twitter timelines can get a bit spammy and it is easy to miss things from your favourite projects. Whilst people can subscribe to the medium blog themselves the numbers would suggest only a small percentage do.

Anyway that’s just my 2 satoshi’s on telegram.

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(Rory) #2

The team has said before they had no interest in a Telegram channel. Maybe an announcement only channel might be interesting, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. There’s already an unofficial Nash News Channel that rebroadcasts any new info if that’s what you’re looking for.

(CryptoUK1) #3

I do think an announcement channel could be worthwhile. I know it’s not a typical thing for a company to have but for this space it could be useful. Maybe something the team could reassess in future but would understand if they stuck with their decision

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(Mao Mao) #4

This forum is the best place for people who are looking for real answers from our nash team.

@carla has also expressed their views on telegram.

u may do a simple search at this forum to find your answers u need at times :grinning:

(Matthewcrypto) #5

Hi @Yevin yes I was only referring to an announcement channel. For me personally I only follow the offical telegram groups of projects I like so they would need to have a link to the channel on their website for me to follow it.

Whilst I do agree with your point regarding getting answers, I disagree for getting news.

I still think an announcement channel would be a good way to update the community and direct traffic towards this forum. Updates and articles could be posted and the pinned message could be a message that points people towards joining this community if they want to ask questions. I do hope that @carla and the team will reconsider, what is the harm having an extra platform to follow news?.

(Mao Mao) #6

Nash team have been very stern since the start in not using Telegram for many good reasons already. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s just not the way they want to communicate with their community. And i find it reasonable since they are unique since the start and i really like how they plan their strategic moves so far.

You can find all the answers here by using the search button :grinning:

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(Olu ) #7

The team’s main reason for not creating an official Telegram community is to prevent scams.
The risk of being scammed still applies in the case of creating a Telegram announcement channel. Fraudsters have been known to clone announcement channels for various crypto projects.

Besides, a Telegram announcement channel is not necessarily the most efficient way of developing a strong and loyal following. Apple, Samsung and several successful companies do not have Telegram channels.

Let’s help our team stay focused by bringing this topic to an end.

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(Matthewcrypto) #8

Fraudsters can create fake announcement channels still anyway they don’t need one to clone. By having a real one with over 10k followers it would be very obvious which is the real one and which is the fake one.

There have been many twitter scams and twitter bots requesting people to send ETH to fake addresses but NASH still uses twitter. Scams and fraud exists on all platforms.

Many projects that get targeted for scams are those that are about to fund raise. Since NASH has already completed it’s funding I think that makes it much less of a target now.

I really don’t think you can compare a start up company in the crypto space to some of the biggest companies in world.

Different people use different platforms and some may develop a strong following for the project even if they don’t actively engage in the community in a forum like this and just read articles posted to telegram.

(Rory) #9

You can’t, but this is the mindset of this team based on what I’ve seen and read from them. They want to operate like a top company. The same way you no longer see the team or whitepaper listed on the website as these are things crypto projects do, but not major tech/finance companies. Whether you disagree with the approach or not is obviously subjective, but it’s how they’ve chosen to operate.

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(Peter) #10

Hey Matthew,

The Nash team make all their announcements on Twitter, Medium and on the community forum. I’m sure you’re a part of one of these alternative platforms.

They are much more reliable (and reputable) than telegram for news updates.

(Olu ) #11

The Nash team is playing the infinite game :wink:

(Matthewcrypto) #12

I am aware of this I am not saying I have a problem with finding the news I am saying others might. There are many people who only use telegram as it’s easier to use than the others listed and hence has a high level of adoption. As I highlighted above I don’t think this project would be in danger of scammers no more than they would be on twitter anyway.

  • Twitter it’s too easy to miss stuff if you cannot check it multiple times a day or a follow only a few people.
  • Medium you have to actively look for content, you could sign up and follow blogs but how many people do that in crypto less than 600 follow NASH?
  • This forum is a great for chat but has how many member 690 according to the site stats?
    These numbers are way lower than the 25,000 participants who could take part in the crowd sale. They could be using twitter sure but am sure many aren’t.

I am not trying to fud on what the team are doing I really like how they do things. I just think it couldn’t hurt to be on another platform that has known usage among the crypto community. Not even exclusive content just links and reposts of the medium blogs.

(Mao Mao) #13

When more exchanges list NEX and when NEX is available on nash, this forum will be flooded with more users.

Canesin said its only for the short term.

And this is just the way they like to communicate with the community. They are continually finding better ways to communicate with us… so stay tuned :))

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(Nick) #14

You can easily set notifications for certain accounts that you follow. For example, I only have notifications enabled for new tweets from @nashsocial so I don’t need to check Twitter every second :slight_smile:

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