Team Appreciation

In light of the development in the space this past week with Digitex decision that caused delay and the Bitfinex Tether fiasco, I just wanted to take a moment and reiterate the appreciation that the NASH team deserves.

Although we haven’t launched yet, we are nearly there and although some may disagree with the extended timeframe for launch than most anticipated my hat goes off to the NASH team for being transparent for these very reasons. “When ready” might be hard to hear time and time again but the decisions the team has made and the transparency given to the community can clearly be seen. I just want to personally say thank you for being so professional and taking the correct steps needed to ensure we meet regulation and for providing clear transparency to the community and project thus far. :clap:

Can’t wait for launch and to blow the crypto space away, NASH is needed now more than ever.


True, the way Nash team is handling things are really appreciated. The way they released rollout phases of beta, involving community to test it, collecting feedback, implementing suggestions on top of an amazing tech they built from scratch. This is truly an amazing team and company, professionalism is seen in each and every step they took to build this. Exciting and fruitful days ahead for Nash & its investors.


Yes the team has been amazing and there is a massive opportunity for Nash coming up here!


Never seen many crypto companies with this approach so far. Going well and steady.

Couldn’t agree more! cheers!!

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