Taxes on 'Nash Pay'


So I was calculating my taxes in Belgium.
The law here is as follows: You only pay taxes on bitcoin when you convert it to a currency ( e.g. euro). Am I correct in saying that I need to pay 33% taxes when I use Nash Pay? Because Nash Pay converts BTC to the currency of the merchant.

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I have no idea about your laws, but that sounds like theft. Luckily i live a little bit north of you.
However the key word here is “you”.
If you use nash pay, you transfer btc and the merchant can choose to convert to fiat. But your laws may not let you get away with that so simply.

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It is impossible for Nash to analyze and give recommendations for taxes in so many countries.

On a personal note however I do know some countries have lower limits and specific situations (like it depends on how much profit there was, normally less than a certain amount is exempted - also dependent if you paid in crypto or actually got cash back)

You should consult your accountant.


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When I plan on purchasing big time with Nash Pay I will cconsult.