Taker Fee selection

I would like to know if there’s a chance to take taker fees of BTC/USD pair for example out of USD?
or maybe have a select box which we can choose on which coin a taker fee will be taken?

the problem comes when I execute -> BTC/USDC than go and buy ETH/BTC. The precision of eth pair is 5 digits so when taker fee is taken out of BTC I can’t use the whole intended BTC to buy ETH.


when the fees calculation was changed the team said they now can change the code to allow taker to specify how much they want to buy, the calculation would inclue the fee and you get what you wanted without fee deduction.

i.e. if I want to buy 1 NEO with USDC and my fee is 0.25%
The price would include the fee so it calculate as if i am buying 1.0025 NEO and I get 1 NEO the exchange gets 0.0025.


That is only possible for market orders @CryptoEks, as with that is known before hand that it will be only a taker. Is not possible for limit orders to know before hitting the books, so we can’t do that.

@NewstHet seems that we need to implement that dust conversion feature soon.


@canesin maybe in that case include a checkbox for “include fee in order” option.
I rather end up with 1.0025 NEO than 0.9975. with dust conversion. i can easy get back the 0.0025.