T-minus 59 days + plenty to look forward to

(Hypotheticalidentity) #1

We’re exactly 59 days away from March 20, 2019. This date marks the end of Winter, and the team has stated they would like to launch the exchange before this target (not a promise or guarantee).

Like many of you, I’ve experienced frustration hearing of delays, but that’s now turned to anticipation as the team approaches the finish line. Colin Closser wrote an excellent summary on NEO News Today: https://neonewstoday.com/general/nex-rebrands-to-nash-exchange-during-live-quarterly-report-from-amsterdam/

Here are a few additional things to look forward to in the next eight weeks:

  1. Fabio’s presentation at NeoDevCon: February 17, 2019 (27 days): There will be further updates on exchange, and the Nash launch program initiates (including pre-registration)
  2. The combined 24hr volume of available ETH trading pairs at launch (e.g. NEO/ETH) is ~$51M. What percentage of market share can Nash take away? Nash is also introducing new trading pairs that don’t currently exist (USDC) or have very low volume (NEO).
  3. Nash Exchange is building a secure, non-custodial exchange. Think about how radically different this is with traditional trade. Yes, it introduces new challenges, but it addresses many of today’s issues with current CEX/DEXs; great comparison chart (thanks @len) :
  4. Approved U.S. Traders at launch: which country accounts for 21.6% of Binance.com visits? That’s right…the United States (per alexa.com).
  5. Plenty of marketing to come; really looking forward to all the media that will come from the marketing team and silent partners.