Switch NEX to it's own chain

Currently NEX is a NEO token, but does Nash have any plans to switch to its own chain in the future?
NEX is a security and I believe it will be valued in response to the volume of nash’s fee. And I expect the price of the NEX to be out of correlation with the price of BTC and other cryptos in the future.
I’m worried about what happens when the market cap of NEX exceeds the market cap of NEO.
That is, when the amount on the smart constructs exceeds the market capitalization of the platform.

Binance was also concerned about this and switched BNB from ERC-20 to its own chain.

Is Nash also planning to switch to its own chain?

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I haven’t heard anything about them creating a chain for NEX. Not at this time at least.

Too early to think about it in my opinion. And NEO3 isnt also that far away.

We are not planning our own chain.

NEO works pretty great for our use case given its finality and the fact that COZ is a consensus member, so we can audit consensus messages. In this few years there has been zero issues with the NEX token. The Binance Chain actually has many similarities with NEO on this regards.


as long as you won’t consider moving to binance chain, I’m fine with NEX being a neo or eth token :stuck_out_tongue: