Hi, why is it not possible on the mobile app to swap BTC/ETH to USDC? I´ve tried it yesterday at the high to swap to USDC but got the Info “Trading contract balance of 0 BTC is insufficient”. Also the 25%, 50% 75% and 100% was not available. Tried also half of the coins. Nothing worked out. Very annoying…Moved my Coins now back to Coinbase because there is it much easier to do it…

Have you moved funds into the trading contract before? This probably means we need to change the error message to include a guidance, something like “Balance insufficient, please transfer funds to the trading contract before”.

If this is the case, would that have solved your issue?


Hi Fabio,thank you for your answer. No i didn´t. It was not clear for me that i have to move the balance to the trading contract. I didn´t even know that i have to do so. I found now the option where to do it. A guidance would be very helpful for newbies like me. Perhaps with a link where to move the coins to the trading contract or that the system automatically asked if i like to move coins to the trading contract to make the swap . I´m used to swap the tokens with one click from my coinbase Portfolio without sending them somewhere.


Welcome to the Community @Giangi - thanks for your suggestion, keep coming back!

For first time users of the app a basic introduction/walk through could work well.

Could be very simple with a few pop ups explaining how to send money or trade on the exchange in the app.


Thanks for that suggestion @IanJ. We will do our best to provide this knowledge.


It would be good if we could streamline the process some how.

E.g. if there are insufficient funds in the trading contract, maybe a pop up to ask if we would like to move that amount of funds to trading contract and if user clicks ok then proceed with the move to TC+swap.

The fewer manual steps, the better.