Supported Commercial/Multi-chain Wallets

I was wondering whether there were/may be in the near future, any supported commercial/multichain wallets, like Exodus, Edge etc. that do/will support NEX? I know that the exchange itself will bring the wallet’s in one place with the dashboard. But in the meantime, is there any other options atm?

Unfortunately there isn’t in the market a offering that can support our funds technology. That is the same issue of current hardware wallets. We will be quite soon adding even more technology on that, so I suspect this will be the case for quite a few time.

We will not dive into technical details now, our goal is after a reasonable amount of time in the market we publish a technical paper describing our innovation for the technical community to evolve the conversation. Companies in established industries usually do like this, I worked in research centers so can say :smiley: … in web (that non-technical people is in general more familiar ) you can see as examples Google and Microsoft, Google was using containers for a good time and published in 2015 a paper describing Borg, their container orchestration tool, today you have a public implementation called Kubernetes.


Thanks @canesin :slight_smile: Appreciate the team’s involvement in the community as well as your proper business processes. Hopefully, in light of the Binance/US news people will actually appreciate your cautious and systematic approach now :slight_smile: