Support unstoppable domains (.crypto addresses) in the Nash wallet

That will be good marketing for all the people creating these addresses. Plus it will allow people to transfer easily their funds to nash wallet and start farming :wink:


For those unfamiliar with unstoppable domains, could you explain a little bit what it entails? Basically Alice can send ETH to Bob at bob.crypto?


Dont trust the new domain extensions. All thousands of them theyve come out struggle to get near to the bottom of .com. Its just a money grabber with .rocks, .sucks, .one, .cars, .design…there are literary thousands and they struggle to survive. I myself stick to .com or .io, have around 2500 of .com domains.

Sure, let me add the very basics. You acquire a .crypto domain at unstoppabledomains after claiming this domain in the ETH blockchain you can add your addresses of BTC, ETH and many more cryptos no matter where you have this addresses any wallet, ledger, etc. Now, only certain wallets recognise these .crypto domains so are capable to transfer token to the correct address by sending to this domain where you have stored the addresses fro different cryptos.
The idea is to support this .crypto domain transfer from Nash wallet. It seems every time more people mainly in the ETH world are using this “type” of addresses. People is “forced” to use these wallets if someone ask you to transfer him crypto to a .crypto domain. As per today, the wallets that support this are:

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