Supply and Demand

(Lukaskorba) #1

Hi, I’d like you to help me to understand one thing. Switcheo is the only way to buy NEX, right? NEX is available in multiple exchanges as unofficial listing, coingecko and coinmarketcap list Aphelion, TOKOK and Switcheo. Current price is around 1.9$ but my understanding is it doesn’t reflect the real state. How many tokens are in circulation ? Probably much less than 50 or 25M sold in ICO. Let’s assume there are only 100k tokens available. Due to supply and demand it’s perfectly normal it has some price. But for me it doesn’t reflect real world. 100k is 0.002% of all tokens. What does it all mean? To me it means don’t panic it’s too low/high. Even if it falls under 0.1$ per token at the moment we shouldn’t panic, my 2 cents. Also when it goes to 10$, again… No chance you’ll actually sell it for 10$… Am I right?

(The Ron) #2

I prefer waiting when the staking is active, and see what staking profit you will get. Then the real value of NEX will be clear.
Now its value is 100% speculative.

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(Dan) #3

Price is basically what someone is willing to pay you.

(The Ron) #4

Indeed, and the more volume, the more staking reward, the more someone is willing to pay.

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(Evocati) #5

Exactly, so what’s offered on Tokok and Switcheo is the current value. Future value is speculative

(Mao Mao) #6

dont confuse yourself, @lukaskorba . imagine you are the person who bought during ICO for $1 per token. The price reflects what the market feels the price of the token should be. The more successful nash is, the higher the price people are willing to buy it for.

(Tony Balina) #7

Circulating Supply would be:

50.000.000 - 10.000.000 (Founders) - 11.600.000 (Neo council, private investors, company fund, ESOP, Undistributed tokens)= 28.400.000

Also staked tokens would be out of circulation.

(Lukaskorba) #8

yep… I don’t like to speculate, but this is exactly my point… with 20M tokens in the circulation it’s very very unlikely that NEX would fall bellow ICO… 0.1$ no chance, it would mean 2M$ only… I started this topic assuming there is still 49M+ tokens NOT in the circulation, aka impossible to say the REAL price…

(Vt) #9

Coingecko seems to have the exact number

28.380.513 / 50.000.000

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(Robert Alexander) #10

I thought ico price was $1?

(Njb) #11

I’m not selling for 24 months.