“The best result will come from everybody in the group doing what’s best for himself, and the group.”

This is a quote from the movie about the life of John Nash and it inspired me to do a suggestion.

Create an address where people can donate NEX tokens.
Maybe it could be possible that donated tokens will be staked automatically; forever. The staking rewards are turned into fiat on a monthly basis by the team and distributed 50% to a good cause and 50% to a development fund for NASH.

There are a few advantages to this idea:

  • Obviously: It’s nice to do good.
  • Marketing / images advantages and opportunities.
  • Tokens get locked away increasing the price for holders.
  • Create a lasting fund which can accelerate NASH development.

I’ll be happy to donate the first 150 euro worth of NEX tokens :slight_smile:


“Donations” of this kind are complicated!

I like this kind of idea. I have suggested something similar some months ago. The topic is: A stake for the world

Having a address where you can donate NEX token, would be much better approach than what I’ve said back in time. Hopefully this is going to happen.

The next 150€ will be from me! :smiley:


I like this idea, but yes donations are complicated. What if instead you could choose to donate a portion of your dividends to a list of charities or something? That way when you stake 100 nex you can choose 0-110% of those dividends will go directly to a charity of your choice (or from the choices). On top of your method of actually giving away tokens this will allow more people that still want their tokens back after the stake period to give away at least 1% of their dividend gains.

Hell, why not start a nash overseas school building charity or something, just an idea, complete paid by nash coin donations and partial dividend donations. This is bold, but is a nice thought

Good idea, may be create partnership with and make it able to donate your dust to charity.

(Own also has partnership with DustAid)

Anyone knows when @canesin will reopen the thread on the feedback for the Beta? I have more to say! ^^


No, unfortunately not. a lot to say is very good :blue_heart: :nash_n:


You’d probably have to create an entity, like a charitable fund or foundation.