Suggestion to the NEX extension

Hi There,

i am not sure if it’s already planed that way but i think it would be a good idea for the browser extension to be able to generate new Wallets like ETH, BTC, etc. once the nex exchange launches.

That would make the usability for users that are new to crypto a lot easier.

If it’s only possible to import existing wallets instead, new users have to look into how to create wallets like mew first, which could be kinda confusing.

I could be wrong, but i remember one of the NEX founders stating that the extension will support a wallet function for any token that is tradeable on the platform, and because its decentralised this seems to me like a necessity.
I don’t think they will only implement that you can only import addresses and not create new ones. That is just not logical nor (like you stated) user friendly.

Yes, this is correct. We will generate wallets for all the assets that are tradable on NEX.