Suggestion for the existing staking model

(Ashrith) #1

I just have a suggestion, so basically nex revenue is divided for token holders. so maximum returns to staking holders is 75%. so basically if some one stakes for 1 month, 25% of revenue is given to him, so left portion (50% max) is taken by team as per your staking model if am not wrong. so do you have any plans to distribute these 50% back to holders who stake may be more than 1 month or for even hussel free just distribute to those who stake for 2 years. i hope u consider this suggestion. thanks:)

(Ashrith) #2

@canesin @ethan @samuel can we have your comments on this please

(FCC) #3

@Ashrith If I understood your suggestion is to redistribute the fees to other holders. That is a non possibility. The stake model is clear and is what we set in the prospectus:
Your rate is from 25% to 75% of fees collected to users if they stake from 1 to 24 months (linear increase).

Dividends = fees_collected * rate * staked_tokens / 50,000,000

The fees not distributed to staked tokens goes to the company (not the team).

(Crypt On The Beat) #4

Are the fees collected can be from the payment service or token conversion too ?

(Dilligaf) #5

I really like the idea you had in another post to donate it to organisations in the future once NEX has a steady income flow. Every month highlight a different organisation that fights against cancer, child labor, Neuromuscular disease etc.

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(8bit) #6

@canesin @ethan @samuel is it possible the formula for calculation of dividends could be changed in future?

(Crypt On The Beat) #7

Don’t think the regulation is based on the base model