Subgame phase Invites were supposed to go out today. What happened?

Subgame invitation is supposed to go out before end of April 1st Monday, that is today (almost 250 invitations)

As mentioned in the medium article and I quote

Nash Community members selected for Bluefield have already been contacted. Those selected for Subgame will receive a message through the Community by the end of Monday, 1 April. Invites for Equilibrium will be distributed through the Community later in April.

The total invitations is roughly 250 as mentioned In the beta testing schedule

So, has anyone received the invitation? This number is 250 and not under NDA.


Nope. no invitation

Let me tell you what happened:

Scottish-born Canadian Sir Sandford Fleming proposed a worldwide system of time zones in 1879.

Come on guys, did we really get to this point?!


Yeah, just be a bit more patient please. April 1st isn’t over yet :+1:


As of this writing it is currently 6:04AM HST meaning they still have 14+ hours to send invites and meet their deadline.

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I do agree. I personally do not care when the invite comes. I’m happy with other being tested. As long as testing is on going. I’m not a child desperate to play with a new toy. This is an investment. I’m interested in things being done well, nothing else

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Its just an invite to test it in 2 weeks. Does it really matter even if they sent the invites out a day late? The testing is still going to be in 2 weeks

They got a lot of stuff to handle and now they are also monitoring what the testers are doing. Unpredictable things can happen thats just the way it is


so no one can confirm they got an invite today, lol? I also haven’t received one today…

Are you sure? Look again in your email.


I was checking it all day, nothing there. Did you receive one? If so, could you please share some screenshots? @bunder

Can confirm, have received invite for subgame.

I also received a beta invite for Subgame which begins on April 14th

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Invite for Subgame beta received

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were the invites random?
getting fed up being a hard core supporter but never getting selected. :unamused:

I got my invite.

They likely took user activity into consideration so that could be why you missed out


Seriously guys, I have been trying my level best to increase the awareness about nash in twitter, and @clare even taken a quote from me to post in twitter and yet I did not get an invite? I have filled the survey way earlier as well. Really disappointed!! What a man should do to get an invite? Some people do not have time to chat and post here 24/7 if you guys are taking that in to consideration

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I post here often and did not get in either, I don’t think it’s personal.