Stop orders on Nash


I have a dumb question regarding “Stop orders” on Nash.
If I set a stop loss at a given ETH price. How long will the order remain in place?
Let suppose that i want to sell if the price drop at 150$. If the price will arrive at 150$ one month later, the exchange will execute the transaction without any further action (2FA or something like that) or will I lose the chance to sell without being in front the screen?

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In my understanding. Conditions remain in place as long as the order is active. Your dedicated amount of crypto will be held in a state-channel where the Nash matching engine can execute the order once the price reaches your set stop-price. Authentication happens when you place the order. At that point you authorise the matching engine to take care of it.


@Alex is correct but it is worth noting that unless your using the ETH/USDC trading pair your order will be in whatever crypto price you have set so the monetary movement may not be triggered at $150 but rather whatever price you set as the trading pair when you made the order. But regardless the trade still remains open until you close it.

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